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Packaging Detail: Paper interleaved between the pieces of glass, and the glass be put into strong wooden crates
Delivery Detail: Within 15days after receiving the deposit


1. Uniform thickness and minimum thickness deviation.
2. Easy processing, installation and cleaning.
3. Designs beautiful.

1.Main Product we sale:

1)Refletive glass curtain wall with wide range of color tones:F-green, Dark green,Ford blue, Slivery,Gray,Gold tea.

2)Glass curtain wall with wide range of color tones:Fgreen,Darkgreen,Ford blue, Slivery,Gray,Gold tea.

3)Light transmit jade stone.

4)Glass-ceramics plate for industrial application.

5)Figured glass such as Mistlite, Nashiji, Aqualite, Kasumi, Chinchilla,Masterlite, Millennium, Moru, Crystal, Diamonds , Flora, Karatachi, Rain 1, Rain2 with Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Grey.

  We also supply Clear Float glass,Tinted Float glass ,Low-e glass,Insulated glass,Laminated glass and Tempered glass.


2.Main advantages we have:

1) Good exporting experience, professional packing & loading.

2) After sales service would be always available to give prompt replies and service.

3) Technical quality control staff follows up the entire business process from start to finish.

4)Full range of flat glass supply, offering one-stop purchase.

5)Reliable business partner,We have a 20years history on glass business and enjoy decent reputation upon our customers.

  Just contact us if any of our product wake your interest.


3.Product description:

  Figured glass is a kind of decorative and translucent flat glass with embossed patterns on one or both surfaces. The patterns are able to soften the light in a space and at a suitable angle, to curtain the visibility through it.


Figured glass


3mm,3.5mm,4.0mm,5.0mm,5.5mm,6.0mm, etc.


Clear brown  blue  green  grey


1500mm*2000mm  1830mm*2134mm  1830mm*2440mm 1860mm*2520mm


Mistlite, Nashiji, Aqualite, Kasumi, Chinchilla,Masterlite, Millennium, Moru, Crystal, Diamonds , Flora, Karatachi, Rain 1, Rain2 and so on.


As your requested.


If you email to us, we will get back to you within 12 hours,



1)can be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed, etc.

2)in communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls, lifts or landings

3)in shopping centers and retail stores

4)in bars, restaurants. clubs, threatres

5)in public buildings, offices, hotel, shopping centers, KTV etc.

6)to be used as framed or unframed mirrors

7)for paneling on walls,doors, windows,pillars, such as TV background wall, sliding door, shower room,bath screens

8)in furniture tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc.