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Aluminosilicate Gauge Glass

Level Gauge Glass Physical Property:

 1. Appearance

1) Air bubble:

Diameter≤0.5mm, in the 10mm x 10mm area the quantity must be ≤3.Diameter from 0.5mm to 1.5mm dispersive air bubble, there is less 2 on the sight plane and less 5 on the No-sight plane. Their distance must be 40mm.

 On the sight plane, The distance to the side in 7.5mm,the air bubble of the diameter1mm  mustnt

 be more 2mm.

2) The glass dont allow slag and scrap iron, etc. impurity. 

3) Stripe: dont allow have palpable filaceous and pectinate stripe on the sight plane.

4) Cockle: In the side face, dont allow have the cockle of depth1mm.

5) Crack: dont allow have crack.

6) Scrape: On the sight plane and in the 7.5mm to edge, the scrape of less than 10mm

       dont allow more 2 strips.

7)The sight plane must be polishing, and sealing side must be rubbing and polishing.

2. Color and Lustre

     It should be no color and transparent,and with its self tine green is allowed.

3. Water-resistance

    Cooked in the water for 5 hours, then weigh up, then titration with 25ml 0~31ug/g

4. Alkali-resistance

    Cooked in the 0.5N NaOH for 3 hours,then Weigh up,weightlessness should be ≤75mg/dm2

5. Temperature-resistance impacts capability

     Put it into electric cooker, keep for 7min under the temperature of 260±1, then, put into the water

    of 20±1,it should not crack

6. Bend-resistance<=220MPa 

 alumina silicate transparent type gauge glass-al-si glass

 Transparent Type:

   340 x 34 x 17mm; 320 x 34 x 17mm; 280 x 34 x 17mm;

   250 x 34 x 17mm; 218 x 34 x 17mm; 216 x 34 x 17mm;

  190 x 34 x 17mm; 165 x 34 x 17mm; 215 x 34 x 22mm;

  218 x 38 x 23mm; 190 x 38 x 23mm; 165 x 38 x 23mm;

 The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.

  Working temperature: 600 °C, Working pressure: 220MPa