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 3.2mm AR coating solar glass, are specially designed for encapsulation material of solar modules. The design reduces the direction reflectance and increase the internal reflection that the solar energy can be absorbed effectively. It ensures the maximum transmittance of the soar and raise the efficiency of electricity generation. The glass observes the properties of high solar transmittance, low absorbance, low reflectance, superior physical strength and significant flatness, is the ideal encapsulation material for solar thermal and photovoltaic modules.




 1. Ultra clear textured solar glass is also called photovoltaic glass and energy saving glass which mainly used on solar panel because of its super light transmittance rate.

2. Solar panel is a thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor which converting solar energy into electricity.
3. By considering its efficiency, we are using High-transmittance and low reflection glass for its panel. This high strength glass maintains the best image quality by elimination unwanted distortions with the advanced optical technology.


 3.2mm Tempered  AR coating glass / 3.2mm AR coating lamp glass / Anti-reflective coating glass  


Solar panel glass :Ultra clear glass (3.2mm, 4mm)
energy saving, eco -friendly
solar use

Ultra-white glass takes full advantage of the diffuse reflection of the pattern to decrease the light reflection. Thus has a very high soloa transmittance at any angle incidence. 

1. Thickness: 3.2 & 4mm 
2. Maximum size: 2250*3500mm(annealed) 
1219*1930mm  (tempered) 
3. Pattern: Mistlite, Clear 
4. Solar transmittance with AR film coating: (3.2mm polished samples ISO9050/2003)>=93.1% 
5. GB15763.2-2005, ISO9050, UL1703, EN12150
6. Wooden/plywood case or carton, with paper/powder interlayer 



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1.Q:Are you factory in China?

A:Yes,we are.

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A:1m² for the order.

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A:We need some information,such as size,color ,thickness,quantity,edge, etc.

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